Thursday, November 13, 2014

Carrot Cake Extraordinaire!!

I don't know if I have ever met anyone who did not like carrot cake.  I am sure there must be some who do not care for it.  I adore it.  And what is so incredibly funny about that is, I cannot stand carrots.  I don't like big carrots or little carrots or peeled carrots or cooked carrots or raw carrots or carrots mixed in with other veggies or carrots in any way, shape or form.  I do not like carrots.  But carrot cake, to me, is delicious.  Go figure.

I ended up buying my own birthday cake this year through a comedy of errors.  Without getting into the details of how this came to be, I purchased a carrot cake from one of my co-workers who was selling various baked goods for one of her children as a school fundraiser.  I bought only one thing and that was a carrot cake.  It arrived just days before my birthday so I decided that it would be my birthday cake this year, even though we had made plans for a different kind of cake.  We decided that we would have carrot cake during the morning on this past Saturday.  Bob and Bette stopped by to join me and Steven and Bev for a slice of cake.  Believe it or not, the fundraiser cake was more delicious than any I have had from bakeries of high reputation.

This was a very heavy, dense cake, which I prefer.  I inherited this love of dense cake from my maternal grandfather.  My mother tells the story of when she was growing up and her mother would be baking a cake and she would tell all the children to walk easily across the kitchen floor so the cake would not "fall."  When a cake falls, it becomes very dense.  Once my grandfather heard this, he would stomp through the kitchen in an effort to get the cake to fall so that he could enjoy a rich, dense cake.  This carrot cake was just as I imagine my dear grandmothers cakes turned out, much to her chagrin.

The perfect slice of birthday cake.  We left the top unadorned.  No candles.  No inscription.  If I were twelve years old, I am certain I would desire such things.  But at my current age (which will remain unwritten), I do not.

So the point in all of this is, if you are approached by a co-worker or friend or a neighbor or their child and they are selling baked goods as a fundraiser, you may want to take a moment and peruse the offerings and see if they have a carrot cake.  You will not be displeased with your selection, believe me!