Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glo Teeth Whitening System

For my birthday, I received a "GLO" teeth whitening system.  I was very interested in this the first time I saw it and I mentioned that I would like to give it a try.  Steven presented this to me and I am anxious to start using.  See below.

It comes in this very beautiful box.

Very simple styling.  So elegant.

Once inside the box, you have your instruction booklet which is very helpful.  It is very well written and easy to understand.  I make a point of that because many times instruction booklets are not well written and easy to understand.

Under the booklet are your essentials.  In the back, lined up like little soldiers, are the gel packs.  The tube along the right side of the package is a lip balm.  And the circular device in the middle holds the rubberized tooth tray which holds the whitening gel.  This apparatus plugs into your iPhone and then you can hang it around your neck so that you can move around while the gel and the light work together to whiten your teeth.

A message from Dr. Levine.

And again in French.

In the upper part of the package you have the base power unit (on the right), the power cord (at top) and the rechargeable power pack (on the left).  You must first charge the power pack for approximately 4 hours before your first treatment.  It will flash blue when placed in the charger and then emit a steady blue light when fully charged.

This will be a two part post.  I will post this first segment today and we will follow up with another post when we actually use the device for the first time.  I'm excited to give this a try.
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