Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A New Serving Board with a Twist

As those of you who are regular readers know, I enjoy entertaining, especially in small groups.  Over the years I have taken to serving my guests from a board rather than using an array of serving trays.  I find that everyone sharing food from a common server makes for a more relaxing setting.  It is less formal which puts your guests at ease.  I set out small appetizer plates for those who wish to use them, but it is not a requirement.  We have a large cutting board which measures twenty inches by fifteen inches and I use it frequently when having guests.  The board is large enough to accommodate a variety of offerings.  See below.

This is just a regular cutting board and it continues to be used for that purpose.  But it now doubles as a serving board as well.

This was the setting on All Hallows Eve or more commonly, Hallowe'en this year.  I set the shrimp cocktail behind the board, as you see.

Then I placed several other items directly on the board.  The little containers in the lower left corner contain a pickled peach chutney-like preserve that Steven made.  I think they are called Boozy Peaches.  They are marinated in whiskey and several other spirits.  They are quite delicious.  We gave those as Hallowe'en gifts to our guests, Lea, Mark and Alan.

So, ... all of this board talk leads into my post of the day, so here goes.

Last week, for my birthday, I received a new board from who else?  Bev.  It is a serving board with a twist in that it has a removable slate bottom.  Take a look.

I loved the big organza bow.

First things first, ,,, I found these once inside the wrap.

Two beautiful spreaders.  I love the handles on these.  They are sparkly and blingy and I like that.

Once all the wrap was removed the new board was revealed.  The item in the middle under the twine is a tiny stick of chalk which is used to write on the slate to identify what  you are serving.

This board will work exceptionally well when serving cheeses.  Guests can easily see what type of cheese they are about to enjoy.

This weekend, however, we put the board to good use in a different way.  Butter crackers, ginger snaps and honey graham crackers were the choice of the day.  Offered alongside footed bowls, one containing a cucumber dill dip and the other a lemon cheesecake dip.  Both were extraordinary.  I bought the dip mixes at an Amish country store in Culpeper, VA.  We will talk more about that later.

So, with this new board added to our collection, we can continue to serve our guests in a new and modern and relaxed way that seems to be catching on.  It is more of a communal way of enjoying good food and wine and conversation with the people you love. 
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