Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Gift Bags for Special Friends

Do you have a special friend, or perhaps two friends, with whom you are particularly close?  I know I do.  And any time I have an opportunity to let these two friends know how special they are to me, I seize it.  Even at Halloween.  So this year I put together two gift bags for two very dear friends and I would like to share this project with you.

I found these cute little gift bags at Safeway, of all places.  You never know where you will be when you find something that is perfect for your next project.  I was making my way through the Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown a few weeks ago and on my way to check-out I saw these bags on an end-cap.  I knew right away that I needed two of them.

I set about filling them over the past weeks whenever I would see something that I thought my friends would like.

So one bag has a bag of  Dark Chocolate Covered Orange flavored candies, two Godiva chocolate bars, an orange scented candle, and two flavored coffee stirrers.

The second bag is very similar.  It has a bag of Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberry flavored candies, two Godiva chocolate bars, a Pure Radiance Yankee Candle in Yuletide and two flavored coffee stirrers.

Just the simplest of gifts is all that is necessary to show someone that you care and that their friendship means the world to you.  It doesn't take an enormous amount of money.  Just that you thought of them enough to put together a little something is enough.  Who knows.  Your friend may really need the show of love on the day they receive this.
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