Thursday, November 6, 2014

A New Food and Refreshment Station for Baxter

Once again, I found myself perusing the aisles at HomeGoods and what did I come upon this time? New food and water bowls for Baxter.

These are better sized for a little pup like Baxter.  And they come in this stylish powder-coated rack which elevates them off the floor.

We were using this mis-matched set of bowls which drove me to absolute distraction.  I cannot stand things like this.  There is no order and it makes me crazy.  I love the pink and green ceramic bowl from the Beverly Hills Hotel, but the other bowl just wasn't making it for me.  I thoroughly hand-washed both and dried them and put them away for use elsewhere such as on the deck to hold water in the spring and summer months.  Or they could be taken with us on an overnight trip.

This new configuration takes up much less space and gives us a nice clean look in the kitchen.  The bowls are elevated so he does not have to lean down to eat.  His food and water are at the perfect height.  A very good choice for many different reasons and most reasonable at $14.99.
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