Friday, August 22, 2014

Old School Out of the Office Notification

When I have plans that take me out of the office, I let those in my immediate group know.  But there are others who may need to interact with me from other groups who are not necessarily privy to my day-to-day comings and goings.  So to make things easier for all involved, I created a Word document and called it "Out of Office Insert."  I have had this document saved in my directory for quite some time.  Each time I am scheduled to be out, I open this document and change the dates to reflect when I will be out and when I will return.  Take a look.

I created a very simple text box in Word which is 5" wide by 7" in height.  The wording is simple and straightforward.  I usually insert a clip art image at the bottom which reflects the reason for my absence. Since I will be attending the wedding of my friends Bob and Bette this time, I included  clip art of a wedding band.

After printing, I cut out along the text box lines and insert the notice into a lucite holder which can be purchased at any Staple's or Office Depot office supply.

Then I place this in a location which will be easily seen by all who may stop by my desk during my absence. Usually next to my mailbox.  While we all rely heavily on our electronic devices these days to stay in touch and to alert everyone to our whereabouts, I find this type of notice is still very helpful.
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