Thursday, August 7, 2014

Early Morning on the Deck at Dewey Street

As those of you regular readers are already aware, we are in the process of finishing up projects at Crest Avenue and moving things to Dewey Street.  That includes plants from one deck to another.  Over the July 4th holiday, our friend Bev visited and helped get the deck cleaned up at Dewey Street.  Thank you Bev for all your hard work that weekend.  I promise never to make you wait at Panera.  A little inside humor. Since then, I have brought a few more plants to the deck decor and some of what we planted earlier in the season is now in full bloom.  I thought I would share these pictures of our little spot of relaxation with you today.

I brought the ferns from Crest Avenue.  One on either side, flanking the red begonia.  This is just incredibly beautiful.  The white blossoms hanging over the railing is crepe myrtle.

Here is another shot of the white crepe myrtle and a container of white impatiens and the garden shed in the background.

Another view of both of the white impatien containers.  These filled in so nicely.  More white crepe myrtle in the background to the right.

Here is a lovely little pot put together by our friend Lea and presented to Steven on his birthday this year.  I just love it.  And it is very happy in this spot on the coffee table.

Finally, I just love this.  It is a cement bowl from an old birdbath that is filled with ground cover.  I love the rustic look and the exposed wire which makes the form for the bowl.  It looks spectacular in this location.

So there are some shots of our little oasis on Dewey Street.
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