Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making a Greeting Card Envelope

When I bought the wedding card for my friend Bob and Bette who were married last weekend, it came with a pink envelope.  I liked this at first, but when I placed the card in its pink envelope on the blue Tiffany box which contained their wedding gift, I was less than happy with how it looked.

This just did not work for me.  Not a good combination.  I could have picked up a new, white envelope.  But anybody could do that.  So I decided I would make my own envelope using vellum.

So, I got out the envelope/box maker and got to work.  This is the handiest thing to have around for a project like this.  The instructions tell you what size paper to begin with and then where to score to make an envelope for the size of the card.

I ended up making the new envelope a little larger than the original envelope.  But it really didn't matter.  I rather liked the look of it a little over-sized.  This card was a nice, heavy card stock.  I loved the sparkle on the tie and the bouquet on the front with a simple "Mr. & Mrs."  Actually, I could have made this card.  Next time, I think I will.

Once we made the necessary folds, we slipped the card inside the envelope with the front facing the finished side of the envelope.  Notice we used a vine print vellum for this project.  Very pretty.

I was very pleased with how this looked tucked under the ribbon on the box with the message on the front of the card showing through the new envelope.

Inside, a simple and heartfelt sentiment to the bride and groom from all of us, including Baxter.  It was a beautiful day and we all had so much fun.  Congratulations again to Bob and Bette.

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