Friday, August 29, 2014

A Stop at the Deli This Morning

I made a stop at the deli this morning on the way to the office.  Devon & Blakely is a small deli just across the street from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.  Since we are closing the office early today to give everyone a jump start on the long, holiday weekend, I thought I would start things out right for me and my friend Yvonne.

I love these eco-friendly paper bags.

They had these really cute little aluminum bottles of Coke.  I couldn't resist.

Today I decided to get us Rice Krispy Treats.  Or as the label says, "Rice "Chrispy" treats.

So it was Rice Krispy Treats and Coke for a mid-morning snack.  As far as I'm concerned, Labor Day 2014 is starting off just perfectly.  Have a great and safe weekend!!!
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