Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bedside Cold Drink Holder

Do you wake up during the night a little parched and wish you had something close by to drink?  You don't want to trudge all the way down to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water or juice.  And you don't want water that has been sitting in a carafe on your bedside table that is room temperature.  I suppose you could get one of those little refrigerators and put it in your bedroom.  But that is really not something I would want to do.  Not a good look.  So I came up with this solution.

This is a glass baking dish that you would use for making a loaf of bread.  I filled it with ice and put two Caffeine-Free Coca Cola Zero cans in it. That way I can have something refreshing to drink if I wake up thirsty.  You could put in two of your favorite beverages.  In the morning, dump out the melted ice, wipe it with paper toweling and it is ready for the upcoming evening.  I like this idea.
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