Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, . . . Or Something Like That!

I found the most interesting item that I must share with you. 

They are called Downspout Safety Caps and they come in sets of four.  They are available in white and brown, depending on the color of your downspouts.  My downspouts are brown, so I got the brown.  The idea here is to slip these little covers on over the exposed edge of each of your downspouts to keep yourself of a child from getting cut.  Quite honestly, I bought and installed these purely for aesthetics.  I am not generally anywhere near my downspouts.  There is really no need for me to be.  I have no children.  And I do not have people visit who have small children.  So while this item may have a completely different intended use for some of you, for me is is purely decorative.

So, you see here the end of the gutter as you would see on most any house in America.  The rain comes down, exits into the splashblock, and is carried away from the house.  This end piece is crimped on the cormer because this end was designed to be inserted into and corresponding piece of pipe.  But it doesn't matter.  With the use of a pair of ordinary household pliers, you can easily form the corner to meet the dimensions of the rubber cap.

And finally, after a little time with the pliers and the installation of the rubber ring, we have a nice, clean look on the end of the downspout.

Here is another downspout which needed some attention.

And afterward with the addition of the safety cap.

All of this back and forth dealing with the downspouts, I couldn't help but take this shot of the banana tree.  Just magnificent this year!
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