Monday, July 15, 2013

My Friend Bette Hands Over Her China

During a recent visit to my friend Bette's house in Gettysburg, she informed me that she had a set of china that she was no longer using and she wondered if I might be interested.  I told her I was and the set showed up this week.  It is a set of Christmas china.  I already have a set of Lenox Christmas china, but you can never have too much china.  This set includes coffee service for 15, including the sugar and creamer and coffee urn.  Additionally There are four dinner plates.

The box arrived very carefully packed.  I really like the holly design on these plates and saucers.

And what a nice design on the back of each plate with the manufacturer's name, the name of the design and the year.

Really beautiful.  I was kind of getting in the mood for Christmas as I was unpacking the boxes.

And here we have a table full of china.  You can see the coffee urn in the foreground at the bottom of the picture, the creamer next to the dinner plates and that is the sugar holder in the upper right hand corner.

This set will mix and match nicely with my existing set of china if I choose to do that.  Or I could use this set on its own if serving just tea and/or coffee.  Either way, it is a beautiful set and will be a nice addition to my collection.  I have to order storage containers which I will do this week.  Actually, all of the china needs to moved together in one place and we will be talking about that in the upcoming weeks.
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