Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Healthy Lunch From the Trip to Aldi

On Monday, I posted a picture of the bowl full of delicious veggies I picked up at Aldi over the weekend.  Today I will share with you what we made out of them.

I was planning a healthy lunch for today, so I got into the bowl and put this together.

What we have here is a pint of cherry tomatoes, half of a large cucumber, large diced, sweet red and orange pepper, finely diced, and a sprinkling of Mexican Blend cheese - all set atop a bed of chopped romaine lettuce leaves.  In the small container to the upper right, is tuna salad.  You can put together tuna salad in a flash.  This is a 5 oz. can of chunk light tuna in oil (in water will work also), sea salt and white pepper, to taste (a dash of onion salt would add some nice flavor as well), juice of half a small lemon and two tablespoons of mayonnaise.  Mix it up and voila, you have tuna salad.  Literally, less than 5 minutes to make this delicious tuna salad.  So simple.  So delicious. The only clean up is to rinse out the small bowl used to combine everything and put away in the cabinet.  In the bottom container are cubes of cheddar and colby cheese.  I bought these already cubed but you could easily buy your favorite semi-soft cheese in a block and cut it into cubes.

I made this the night before and placed it, sealed, in the refrigerator.  This is what is looked like when I opened it today for lunch.  The salad was not at all wilted.  So this can easily make it overnight for lunch the next day.

No need for salad dressing.  Save the calories and take a spoon of tuna and then top it off with some of your salad.  A delicious way to enjoy your lunch - guilt free!  I enjoyed this with a glass of iced tea.  You may not think this will fill you up, but just try it for one day.  I think you will find your appetite fully satisfied.  If you crave something sweet afterward, you could add a Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookie.  But "a" Chips Ahoy.  Not a bag.  Especially for us diabetics.  Oh, and something else.  I read today that cheese has actually been shown to help regulate blood sugar.  I have to do some more research on this, but if it is true, that makes me happy.

Tomorrow we'll try a different salad made from the salad bowl.  Come back for more on that.
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