Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Care Package from Indiana

We received a care package from my friend Cindy last week.  She is so sweet to send along all of these goodies and to send my phone charger block which I left behind on the kitchen counter.

Up first is this super neat Boot Scrubber.  She and Ralph and Gretchen have one affixed to the cement sidewalk just before you enter the door leading into the kitchen.  Each morning on our way back from walking Mosey and Andy, we would slide our wet, grass covered shoes through this and it would thoroughly clean them before we stepped inside.  I remarked that I thought this was a necessity in every home and voila, she saw to it that I had my very own.  We will be attaching this to the deck at some strategic place to help keep the kitchen floor clean at Dewey Street.  A wonderful invention.

She went back to Oliver Winery and picked up more wine and champagne bottle stoppers which I raved over in a previous post.  She got one of every color, which I love.  So with the one I brought back, I now have six in stock.  That is nice because when we have people in we may open several bottles of wine - reds, white, roses or even champagne.  It is nice to have this many bottle stoppers for just such times.

Of course, the bottle of Wine Away.  An essential for any home with members who occasionally enjoy the fruit of the vine.

Here is the Plastic Bag Dryer.  This is something I had never thought of buying.  When I visited her in Indiana I saw that she was rinsing and reusing plastic bags.  What a good idea.  If I can keep a plastic bag from the landfill or at least delay its arrival, I am all for that.

So many wonderful things to make life easy and fun.  Let's strive to make life as easy and as much fun as possible.
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