Monday, October 6, 2014

A Lowe's Visit and and Update from a Previous Post

Good Monday morning.  What a spectacular weekend we had in the mid-Atlantic this past weekend. Beautiful crisp mornings both Saturday and Sunday.  Then warming into the upper 60's both days. Delightful. Just my kind of weather.  Today we have a follow-up to our post of last Friday regarding the new self-watering, hanging container we picked up at Behnke's plus a few other things.

I stopped by Lowe's on Saturday to try and find something to put in the new self-watering hanging container we got at Behnke's.  And I found exactly what I wanted.  These beautiful pots of purple petunias and other smallish blooming annuals.  Since it is end of season, they have these baskets two for five dollars.  You are never going to get a better deal than that.  Of course they will not last long. We will get the last bit of life out of them before the first frost, which should come in about a month. We will enjoy them until then.

I also found this beautiful cedar planter which is perfect for a project I am currently working on. Read on for more information on that.

Underneath the blooms, you will see a couple of green pumpkins.  They had a huge box full of an array of brightly colored pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and textures.  I got three.  I will most likely go back and pick up a few more.

The "purple haze" hanging basket turned out beautifully.  I tried to move around so I could get a shot so that you could see the container.  I love the green color of the container and the simplicity, as we discussed last week.  This is a really lovely planting.

Finally, to the cedar planter.  We found this trellis while Bev was visiting during the July 4th weekend.  At first I wanted to affix it to the side of the house by securing it to the brick with screws and then planting a vine that would crawl up through.  But I changed my mind last week and decided I would rather place the trellis in a container, plant the vine in the container, and let it meander through the trellis.  This way if I want to move it, I can.  I doubt that I will, but I can.  So the plan is to screw the trellis to the back of the planter box, fill the bottom with gravel to add stability and drainage, and then to fill the planter with soil and plant the Carolina Jasmine which you see in the pot in this picture. We will be working on this all during the week, so stop by and see how it turns out.
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