Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Wine Arrived! The Wine Arrived!

Our order of wine arrived from Oliver Winery.  We were so incredibly happy to receive this shipment and very glad to see that nothing was broken.  I remember being on a flight a few years ago - I forget which airport - and looking out the window as the guys were loading the bags and seeing a luggage wagon being driven toward our plane.  At the last moment, the guy driving the wagon made a sharp left turn and when he did a box of red wine fell off the wagon and immediately started pouring out all over the tarmac.  I thought "somebody is not going to be happy."  I could envision that very same thing happening with my shipment and hoping that it did not.  Fortunately, it did not.

The box arrived, safe and sound with all bottles intact.  The special deal they were having the day we visited was a case of  six bottles of Gewurtraminer and six bottles Shiraz.  I asked if they could please remove one bottle of Gewurtraminer and let me take that with me and replace it with a bottle of Tawny, which they were kind enough to do.  If you look closely, under the top layer and to the left, you will see the bottle of Tawny carefully tucked away in a space initially intended for Gewurtraminer.

The first thing I did was to get to the Tawny.  Creekbend is another of Oliver Winery labels.

Just a bit in a snifter.  Actually I had a couple because it is so incredibly delicious.  This is a sweet dessert wine.  Perfect to serve after a heavy meal to aid digestion.  Of all the wines I insisted Cindy try, she liked this the best.

Then it was time to get the rest of the box unloaded and all of this wonderful wine stored.  I looked at different wine racks and was bored to death with all of them.  They were all different yet they were all the same.  So I went to the Container Store and found this wonderful box which works perfectly.  I love having it on the counter under the chef sculpture where I can enjoy seeing the bottles everyday when I am in the kitchen.  If we have someone stop by unannounced, I can quickly retrieve a bottle and get it cooled.  I also know what I've got in stock at any given time.  We had a wine refrigerator that we never used.  Steven's brother Bob and his new bride, Bette, are into visiting wineries and trying new blends.  So we gave them the wine refrigerator when we drove up to Gettysburg for the wedding.

I love this metal sculpture in the kitchen.  I don't know where Steven found this, but I love it.  And it is in the perfect place.

So, now we have a good supply of wine for the upcoming holidays.  And if we need or want more, we can always place an order with Oliver.
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