Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bev's Birthday

We had a birthday celebration recently.  Guess who!  My friend Bev.  I decided to do an eclectic box this year.  She got a kick out of it, and here is what I included.

We started off with a white box.  Any size will do, depending on what you want to include.  This box was 7" x 8".

First a little excelsior.

Then we started filling with an assortment of goodies.  First up, Pumpkin Spice bath soap.  That may sound not so good, but it was really a wonderful scent.

A tube of mascara.  What girl can't use a tube of mascara.  And then a cute little nail clipper and decorative nail file all in one.

A new scrubby for the shower.

Then we started going a little loco.  We added a bag of garbage disposal freshener and cleaner pods. We use the "Plink" brand of garbage disposal fresheners at Crest Avenue.  But these smelled so good I couldn't resist getting them for Bev.  I will expect a report at some point letting me know what she thought.

Can you guess what this cute little booklet with the pineapple on the front holds?

Post-It notes in varying sizes and Post-It flags in shades of green.  Too cute.

Then came time to get all of this in the box.  Did we do it?

We had to get creative and adjust things a few times.

But eventually, we get everything tucked away.

Then it was time to get the card signed.

Happy birthday love from Steven, John and Baxter.

Into the envelope with the card.

And into the box with the envelope.

I found this really cute graphic online.  I adjusted the size to fit the top of the box.  Then I printed it on Avery Full Sheet labels and cut it out.  Then I peeled the backing off and affixed it to the top of the box.  Really, really cute!

Finally, I wrapped it all up in bubble wrap and secured it in a Priority Mail box from the postal service and sent it on its way.  I got an email over the weekend from missy telling me how much she loved everything in the box.  Especially the mascara!!  See, I know what to buy!!

These boxes are so much fun to put together.  I think of all the projects I work on, these gift boxes are my very favorite.

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