Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bobino Key Clip

You all know that I frequently share with my readers various items that I find as I am out and about. When I find something that I think is really ingenious and which brings ease to our lives, I am all the more excited to share it with you.  That is what today's post is all about.  The Bobino Key Clip.  It is very small in physical size, but it is very big in its ability to bring ease to life.  So here goes.

I carry a messenger bag with me everywhere I go.  Actually, it is a Kenneth Cole bag which was designed to carry a laptop.  But it has the compartments I need, so I use it as a messenger bag to carry my essentials - my cell phone, an umbrella, my credit card holder, business cards, antacids, Benadryl, Excedrin Extra Strength, a bottle of water, my blood glucose testing supplies, shopping list/project lists, documents which need my attention, ... and my keys.  The problem with the keys was that I could never find them.  No matter where I put my hand inside the bag, I could not find them.  This drove to me to complete distraction.  Hunting and searching for the keys.  Every time I needed the keys, hunting and searching.  Then I found the Bobino Key Clip.  A Godsend!!  It simply clips right over the fabric separator in the middle of the bag and you clip your keys on it when you are done using them.  And there they stay until you need them again.  I do not carry my keys in my pants pocket.  Not a good look.  Nobody wants to walk around with their keys jangling in their pants pocket.  That is uncomfortable.  It stretches the fabric and wears a hole in your pocket.  Another alternative for the guys is to use a keyring that is easily attached to and released from a belt loop.  I have seen many guys using this means to carry their keys.  I do not generally find myself in social situations where that is appropriate, so clipping them to this little device in my bag was the perfect answer for me.  This little clip can be used inside a messenger bag, purse, backpack, briefcase or luggage.  I picked up my Bobino Key Clip at The Container Store for $3.99.

Check out their website at  When you arrive at the site, click on "Bobino" along the left side of the screen and it will take you to the homepage for this item and many other useful gadgets.
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