Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Front Porch of Pumpkins

I usually like to have several pumpkins on the front porch.  This year was no different.  The only thing different this year was how we prepared the pumpkins.  No carving.  Take a look.

We started with two regular orange pumpkins that we picked up at Walmart.  I decided I wanted to paint them this year.  So I bought two Crackle Finish kits and gave them a try.  First order of business is to make sure your pumpkin is clean and dry.  Then apply your basecoat.  The first pumpkin was painted black.

And here it is completely covered in black paint.

The second pumpkin was cleaned and dried.  I used a regular countertop wipe to remove any residual dirt from the pumpkin patch.

The basecoat for the second pumpkin was silver.  The silver paint did not completely cover the pumpkin like the black paint.  I was not sure how this was going to turn out, but I stuck with the project.  They were both painted and then placed on the deck to dry.

This is the Crackle Finish kit I used.  I picked this up at Michael's.  Actually I bought two of them. Depending on the size of your pumpkin, one kit may do two pumpkins.  But that is only if they are small.  Count on one kit per pumpkin.

It does not come with these little paint containers.  Those came from Walmart.  You get a pouch of black and a pouch of silver paint and a pouch of the clear crackle coat which is applied in between the two contrasting colors of paint.

Into the little paint container with the black paint.

The kit comes with these tiny little sponges which they instruct you to use to paint the pumpkin.  I really found this rather funny.  There is no way on earth that a child or an adult could actually use these tiny little sponges to paint an entire pumpkin.  You would be there all day and there would be paint all over your hands and everywhere else.

So, ... while I was in Walmart buying the pumpkins, I stopped by the paint department and picked up some of these wonderful little sponge painters with handles.  What a superb idea.  Do not even attempt this project without first buying some of these sponge painters with handles.

So we were all done with the silver paint on the second pumpkin.  I let both pumpkins dry all day on the deck in the sun.  We also had a light breeze and that helped to dry them thoroughly.

The following morning I brought them both inside, still on the paper bags.  I applied the clear crackle coat to both and placed them back on the deck to dry.  Several hours later, when they were both completely dry, I applied the topcoat.  Over the black I applied the silver.  I really love how this looks.  This one did not actually "crackle" in the truest sense of the word.  But it is very iridescent. Very beautiful.

The other pumpkin (which is the one at the bottom of the picture), with the silver basecoat, got a topcoat of black.  That one did actually crackle somewhat.  We placed them on the front porch with the other oddly shaped pumpkins we picked up at Lowe's and we were all set for Halloween.

My suggestion on the Crackle Finish Kits?  Give them a try.  They are not terribly expensive.  I think they were $4.99 each at Michael's.  Make sure you pick up the sponge painters and that you have a suitable container for the paint.  The kits also come with stencils for a raven and a spider.  I did not apply either to our pumpkins because I loved the way they looked without the added art.  Either way, it is a fun project and you get good results.  I will likely use them again in the future.
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