Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Have New Neighbors

Recently, our dear friend Barbara who lived across from us on Dewey Street, put a Coldwell Banker "For Sale" sign in her front yard.  I think it took about 4 minutes for her to get a contract, because it was only a day or two later that the sign had an "Under Contract" sign attached.  And, no wonder. The house is beautiful.  I was hoping to say goodbye to Barbara before her departure, but that was not to be.  Barbara, if you are reading, we love you and send you well wishes for all that is to come in your life.

I noticed new cars in the driveway last week and eventually spotted our new neighbors.  A young couple and their pre-school daughter.  It is nice to see young people moving into the neighborhood.  I decided we needed to welcome them, so I put together a "Welcome" box much like the "Midnight Snack" box I made for Bob and Bette a couple weeks ago at their wedding.  Below is what I presented to them.

As with the Midnight Snack box, I used one of these gable-end boxes from Paper Source.  I made the label in Microsoft Word and printed it on Avery 5165 Full Sheet Label.  Then I cut it out and centered it on the front of the box.

A little excelsior in the bottom of the box for presentation.

I found these cute kitchen towels with a leaf motif.  Especially fitting since we are fast approaching fall.  Neutral colors are always a good choice when giving a gift like this.  You do not know what colors the new owner has chosen for his or her kitchen, so neutrals are always nice because they can work in any color scheme.

I placed the towels in the box alongside a box of pumpkin votives.

Again, 'tis the season.  Fall is fast approaching and I thought these were really cute.

Earlier I mentioned that the new owners have a small child.  I decided to add something for her as well.  I thought these little Liquid Milk Enhancers were cute.  In my day it was Nestle Quik. Sometimes it was chocolate.  Sometimes it was strawberry.  I loved both.  A glass of either and a cheese sandwich on white bread while I watched black and white television on our second-hand Zenith television that my grandfather brought to us.  My how times have changed.

And these milk flavoring straws.  Actually, I thought these sounded really good.  I wouldn't mind trying them myself.

For mom and dad, a couple small bottles of Freixnet with a colorful ribbon tied tightly.

I hope they enjoy our little gift of welcome.  We look forward to becoming more familiar with them at the block party on September 13.
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