Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finally A Scoop That Works

Sometimes the simplest of things can help bring ease to our lives.  Such is the case with this new scoop I found over the weekend.  How many of us have struggled with these old fashioned scoops over the years.

I'm not knocking this swivel lever scoops.  I'm just saying that I do not always have good luck with them releasing the food like I want.  I will still keep the swivel lever scoop because there will be times when I'm certain it will be needed.  But this new hinged scoop is nice to have as well.

So here we are.  Our new scoop from Pro Freshionals.  I thought that was an interesting way to market this.  The whole contraption opens to release the food.  I was curious as to whether or not this would be better than the swivel style.

The sales pitch on the package couldn't be simpler.

So it was time to make lunch.  I filled the bottom of the glass Snapware container with salad greens. (We've got to talk more about these glass Snapware containers in the future; they are MARVELOUS.)

Squeezed the handles together and took a nice large scoop of chicken salad and placed it on top of the salad greens.

And there you have it.  It released with the greatest of ease.  No squeezing the trigger over and over to release it.  You just release your grip on the handles and, voila!!  I like it.  It is a good find and an affordable find.  That's what we endeavor to do here at WTCA.  We like to find good quality, good functioning items that are affordable so that we can all have well performing kitchens.  Not just the cooks on television.
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