Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need New Cushions

Early in the season, when I was first starting to clean up from winter, I decided that we needed new seat cushions for the high table chairs on the patio.  This table and two-chair set was at the Dewey Street property but is now at Crest Avenue.

We found that it worked better on the patio at Crest Avenue than on the small deck at Dewey Street. So we brought it down and we gave it a good wash.

The chair and table are made of aluminum and then coated with a powder-coated flat finish.  I decided to go with new seat cushions of a solid color.

I prefer the look of the solid color green over stripes or floral prints.  I find that the solid colors do no compete with all the beautiful flora in the garden.  Rather, the solid colors accent all of the colors and textures in the garden.  This is a relaxing and cozy place to have a glass of wine and a grape and cheese board with a friend or by yourself.  You could also serve a relaxing and romantic candlelit dinner for two.
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