Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh What Fun It Is to Go to Indiana

When we last talked, I was headed to Indiana to visit my friend Cindy and her daughter, Gretchen. It was a wonderful trip.  Here is a pictorial of my journey.

I got an early morning start on Friday, September 19.  I jumped on the Orange Line train at Cheverly and arrived at L'Enfant Plaza around 5:45 AM.  I changed to the Yellow Line which goes directly to Reagan National Airport.  I was there and through security in no time.  All of this in preparation for a 7:45 AM flight to Detroit and then on to Indianapolis.

I flew Delta.  I usually fly Delta.  I am rather loyal to them.  I have been known to fly Delta even if the fare is a little higher.  Why?  When it comes to on-time service, there is no other domestic carrier that surpasses them.  They want the passengers on the plane, in their seats and the door closed so they are pushing back from the gate on-time.  They do not mess around.  When they say "We are number one in on-time arrivals", they mean it.

Arrived in Indianapolis and made our way to the house.  They have a wonderful place out in the countryside on five acres.  The house and grounds are immaculate.

On part of their property, they grow soybeans.  Well, actually they alternate between soybeans and corn.  This year it is soybeans.  They rent the ground to a local farmer and are paid a nominal fee. Acres and acres of soybeans.  Not just on their property but everywhere.

Between the wooded area behind their house and the soybean field, there is a swath of ground which is used as a walking path.  This is where Mosey and Andy are taken for walks and to use the bathroom.  More on them a little later.

Just off the walking path there is another trail.  This is just an added area for Andy and Mosey.

They built this cute little footbridge over a small creek which runs through their property.

Once you cross the footbridge, there is a large, open area with high-powered electric lines on poles. The state is required to keep this area clear of trees and overgrowth, so they contract with local companies who have the equipment necessary for this job.  The crane you see above is one of those pieces of equipment.  There is a large, serrated blade on the end of the boom on this crane.  One morning on our walk, someone was in the crane and he was using the blade to cut large limbs off the trees.  It was very interesting to watch.

You get a better idea of this area in this picture.  And you can see the area to the left near the wooded area where the crane operator was working earlier in the day.

When he was done for the day, there was this large area of very coarse mulch.  After they cut the limbs, they bring in large mulching equipment and turn the trimmings into mulch.  The whole process is amazing.


Now, to Mosey and Andy, ... and Dusty.  We cannot leave out Dusty.

Dusty is the feline of the house.  He did not get mentioned earlier because we were talking about walking along the dog path.  As first, he wanted no part of picture taking.

But with a little coaxing and some interest in our wine purchases, he came around.

A pensive Dusty.  He is beautiful and so extraordinarily friendly.

Then there is Mosey.  Here he is enjoying his dinner.  He is a wonderful boy and very friendly too.

And finally, Andy.  The most lovey, dovey boy you will ever meet.  I would lie down on the floor and he would nuzzle up next to me.  But then he would keep trying to get closer but he couldn't get any closer.  He is a special boy.

I arrived back home on Monday, September 22, just days before the fire at the air control tower in Chicago which still has air traffic backed up.  A friend of mine is still trying to leave DC.  He is on day two of trying to get out of town and his flight has already been delayed twice today.

A wonderful visit.

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