Friday, September 5, 2014

The Trip To Gettysburg for the Wedding

We had a full car on the way to Gettysburg for the wedding.  Actually, we stayed in Waynesboro, PA which is a lovely little town.  With all that was going on with the wedding, we did not get a chance to actually spend much time checking out the town.  I would like to go back at some point and visit some of the neat shops along Main Street.

But, back to our trip.  We were heavy laden with travel necessities and items for the bride and groom. Bags and boxes and coolers, oh MY!

First thing on every trip is to get drinks figured out.  Who wants what and in what quantity.  I am a big fan of V8 and these little cans in a six pack are perfect for travel.  The tangerine and blackberry drinks came from Aldi.  They were quite good.  I like them really, really cold.  Preferably over ice. And, of course, a cookie assortment never hurts.

We got the drinks and the iced coffee in the styrofoam cooler and added a Naked Green Drink also. The V8 went in the large cooler.

The blue box contained the wedding gift.  The styrofoam cooler was in the middle for easy access to drinks on the road.  We took them our wine cooler and you see the back of that on the far end of the seat.  We were not using the wine cooler and they enjoy visiting wineries and trying different types of wine, so we thought they would enjoy it and put it to good use.  The bag on the floor contained the Midnight Snack box and other items.

Finally, in the rear, we placed suitcases, the big cooler, camera bag, everyday bag and a box which held - well, I cannot remember right now what it held.  Suffice it to say, we were loaded to the gills. Thank goodness for the Jeep Commander.  We certainly could not have fit all this stuff in Bug!

The day was beautiful and the weather was delightful.  The humidity was nearly non-existent.  We were even able to enjoy sitting outside for the brunch.  A really good time.

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