Monday, November 19, 2012

We Have a New Addition at Crest Avenue

Last night Baxter and I were watching television when I heard a noise on the deck.  I was not alarmed because we frequently hear noises on the deck in the evening.  We have some neighborhood kitties who visit from time to time.  One of the neighborhood kitties wasn't feeling well last week, so I went to the kitchen door to see if he had come back home for a rest.  And what do you think was on the deck staring back at me?  An opossum!!

It really freaked me out at first, because I wasn't sure what it was right away.  I don't think I've actually seen an opossum more than once or twice in my life.  They move very slowly and deliberately.  It was eery to say the least.  Baxter finally made his way into the kitchen and let our new friend know that he should move along.  I've done some research on opossums today.  From what I can tell, they are a nomadic bunch.  So just because you have one today, does not mean you will have one tomorrow.  If you leave out trash, it will attract them.  They will set up under a porch or deck.  They are not aggressive and, as we all know, will play "possum" if cornered rather than fighting back.  They are not aggressive.  I don't want to harm him.  I just want him to move on to greener pastures.  Let's hope this problem resolves itself and we do not have to resort to calling animal control and traps and all of that.
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