Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Trip to Paper Source

I stopped by the Paper Source on M Street, NW in Georgetown yesterday.  I was looking for a big "N" for a project.  I checked their website and found that they have paper maiche letters, uppercase and lowercase, that they refer to as "craft letters."  Fortunately, they had a big "N" in stock.

Of course, you cannot just walk into the Paper Source, find your big "N", pay for it and leave.  At least I cannot.  On the table where I found the big "N" were all sorts of other paper maiche items.  I ventured a little further and found some cocktail napkins.  A little further and some Christmas tree ornaments for my Saks Fifth Avenue tree.

So, by the time I left I had a few things more than just a big "N", which is how it should be.  You never know when a creative idea will pop into your head.  These paper maiche trees will look wonderful all glittered up.  The ornaments are not clear in this picture, but will be clear once I get the Saks tree decorated.  They are tiny versions of the old glass bulbs that my mother had for our tree when I was but just a little interior decorator in the making.  The cocktail napkins say, "She decided to try Naughty this year."  Now to get busy and get all these things ready for the season.  I might have to throw an open house this year after I get all the decorations out.  Fun!!
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