Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Drying Gourds

We are drying gourds at Crest Avenue.  I bought these at the Cheverly Farmer's Market the weekend before Halloween.  I have placed them on newspaper and I turn them periodically.  I think to speed up the drying process, I will move them to metal drying racks.  That way the air can circulate all around them and help speed up the process.  Some will dry and others will not.  If you see mold forming on the outside, scrape it off and continue to let the gourd dry.  Mold is formed as the gourds release moisture.  If a soft spot forms, throw the gourd out.  You will know when they are completely dry when you hear the seeds rattling when you shake it.  They are most fragile once they are dried, so handle with care.

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