Monday, November 26, 2012

Glittered Paper and other Christmas Essentials

I found this really wonderful glittered paper at the Paper Source today.

Once folded into cone shapes, these will make beautiful Christmas trees is different sizes for the mantel.  And the good thing with this paper is, the glitter doesn't rub off.  I don't know how the paper is made, but you cannot rub off the glitter.  And they are only $2.50 per 12" x 12" sheet. 

Here is the name of the manufacturer in case you do not have a Paper Source store near you and would like to see about ordering the paper directly or finding a local retailer in your area.

I also picked up the vellum that I will need to make the Christmas cards this year.  Stay tuned for the final product.  I have designed what I think is a simple and beautiful card.  I just need to get them printed.

This year, I decided to order a stamp to use to apply the return address on my Christmas cards.  I found this really cute stamper at  They have an abundance of different styles to choose from.  This is an item which can and will be used year after year,  So while intially a little pricey, in the end it will pay for itself.

A quick look at an unaddressed envelope.  I think this is going to work just perfectly.

I do not know what Emily Post or Letitia Baldridge recommend as suitable for mailing, but I like to send out Christmas cards any time after the first day of December and no later than the tenth day of December.  Of course, those cards going across country or to foreign locales should be mailed first.  What a fun time of year!
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