Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Pavers! More Mulch!

Work continues on the sidewalk.  You can see here the pavers that I started installing this weekend.  I used a bag of paver sand from Lowe's to help level out the ground.  I really like the way this is looking.  I think the combination of the mulch and the pavers will be a nice look rather than using just one of either medium.  You see the bricks to the left there that I removed.  I started the sidewalk project earlier in the spring by taking bricks from the brick pile I have amassed over the years.  I spent probably the first 3 years pulling bricks out of the yard.  I don't know what the previous owners did but the front and the back yard was full of bricks.  There was no rhyme nor reason to their placement.  Just bricks.  Strange.  But I decided not to use the bricks so these will be returned to the brick pile for possibly another project.  I think one more weekend and we'll have this project finished.  (Looks like I caught the sprinkler in this picture.  If you look carefully, and to the left, you will see the water spraying just behind the holly bushes.)
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