Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't forget to water

Just a quick reminder to everyone to water, water, water during these blazing hot days of summer.  This is good advice for everyone across the country since we all seem to be in the same boat with the excessive heat and lack of rain right now.  Plants that were put in during the spring will need extra attention during this time as will anything in pots.  I let the petunias in the hanging baskets out front dry out and now I am (they are) paying for that mistake.  I think I caught them in time and they will come back, but they are not happy right now.  I have two sprinklers in the back yard and I let them run for at least 30 minutes in the morning.  I run them independently.  So it's 30 minutes with the large sprinkler (which covers 5800 square feet and was the only sprinkler that would cover the far end of my back yard) and 30 minutes with the smaller sprinkler that is closer to the house and covers the ferns and hostas and other other ornamentals.  I water the deck plants with rain water from the rain barrel, which went dry this morning.  So I had to resort to using the hose.  The plants prefer the rain water because it is without all the chemicals found in the processed water from the Blue Plains Water Treatment plant.  But, it will have to do until we get some rain.  The front yard has a similar arrangement of sprinklers and I run those for 20 minutes each morning because they are covering a much smaller area than the sprinklers in the back yard.  Everyone stay cool!!
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