Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's been a busy weekend at Crest Avenue

So, we'll start with the new sidewalk in the back yard.  Originally I decided to go with brown rubber mulch for the entire sidewalk, as you will see in this picture.  But I have decided now to do a combination of rubber mulch and pavers.  The plastic edging you see in this picture is from Lowe's and it is newly designed.  Rather than having to dig a trench and then push the edging into the trench and fill with topsoil or some other filler to hold it in place, this edging comes with a series of tabs that lay flat on the ground.  You just position the edging where you want it and use the plastic stakes included in the box to secure it in place.  Much, much easier than the old way and it looks the same.  I put weed barrier down and then placed the mulch on top (you will see a some of the barrier peeking through on the left side).  You can easily fold the fabric barrier under and then push the mulch against the edging.  There is no need to cut it.  Even though this new edging saved me an enormous amount of time, this is definitely a two weekend job.  I will post the completed pictures next weekend and you will be able to see the combination of rubber mulch and pavers.  I think it will be a very nice look.
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