Friday, July 22, 2011

Man, it's hot outside

So this morning our local weather guy casually informed us that it will be over 100 degrees and with the humidity it will feel like 115 to 120 degrees.  What?  That is crazy.  The sprinklers went off on time this morning and I watered the deck plants and the pots and hanging baskets by hand.  No matter how much you water the plants just look droopy.  This oppressive heat is more than they can take even with daily watering.  But you must water everyday when the heat is this intense or they simply will not make it.  The heatwave continues through the weekend, so there will be no continued work on the sidewalk this weekend.  I'll be working inside in cool comfort.

I'm not even going to the grocery store.  I'll have Peapod deliver groceries for the week on Sunday.  Peapod is a local delivery chain that is part of the Giant Food Stores.  They can be accessed online at  Most every item you can get in the store, you can order through Peapod.  You browse the online aisles, select your items, place them in your basket and then checkout.  At checkout you select your delivery day and time.  You can store a credit card number on their site or you can pay by direct check.  (You save $1.00 on each order if you pay by direct check).  You can have an "attended" delivery or an "unattended" delivery which is basically just that; you are either there to accept the groceries or they leave them in boxes for when you return.  Refrigerated or frozen foods are delivered in insulated boxes with ice packs.  The ice packs last for a good long time.  I think Peapod suggests you bring those items in within 4 hours of delivery.  I can tell you that I've pushed that number a few times and maybe even gone over it and the items were still cold.  They offer a full range of delivery dates and times but no Saturday delivery.  If I get an attended delivery I normally tip the driver anywhere from $2 - $5.  The drivers are very friendly and always offer to bring the groceries inside and into the kitchen but I tell them to leave them just inside the front door and I go through the bags after they leave and put everything away.  There is a $60 minimum order which is never a problem for me.  The delivery charge starts at $9.95 at the $60 level and goes down the more you spend.  If they are going to be late they call and let you know.  This is a wonderful service and for busy people, like all of us, it is a great way to save time.  No driving to the store, parking, walking through the store, standing in checkout lines, packing the car and driving back home.  You might think initially that the delivery charge is a little high, but just think about how much time you are saving and the value of your time.  I will gladly pay $9.95 for the convenience.  I didn't mean to get off on a tangent about Peapod but I guess I did.  If you do not have Peapod in your area, go online and see if there are local grocery delivery services close by.  You will be asking yourself right away, "Why didn't I think of this earlier."

And for those in the Peapod delivery areas, don't forget Peapod Mobile!!

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