Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Thursday

So, we made it to Thursday.  The day after Wednesday.  The day before Friday.  Not a bad day.  Certainly better than Monday.  The heat continues here in the mid-Atlantic.  I talked to my sister in Midlothian, VA this morning and she said the weather is oppressive down there too.  The weather guy says we are in for another scorcher this weekend.  I'll be working on inside projects.  When the heat index is 110, 115, 120, it is just unbearable to be outside for too long.  The heat is so bad here this year that I have postponed my Mid-Summer Party originally scheduled for August 20 to a date that has to be determined.  I may well move this soiree to some time after Labor Day.  The weather usually starts to cool down considerably here the Tuesday after Labor Day Monday.  It always amazes me.  It's as if someone turns a switch at midnight on that Monday night and the humidity goes away and the temperatures start to cool.  Let's hope that happens this year.  Maybe I'll plan to have a gathering on September 17.  Instead of calling it a Mid-Summer Party we'll call it a Late Summer Garden Party.  That will work.  I have many ideas going through my head on how to arrange this party.  The whole thing will be covered here, from the first days of planning right through to the end of event.  I should set up a separate page entitled "Late Summer Garden Party" where I can keep all posts relating to the party for your reading pleasure.  I'll do exactly that.  I'll do it now.  Everybody stay cool and let's hope for a break in this heat as soon as possible.
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