Thursday, January 22, 2015

We're Gearing Up for Valentine's Day

It's almost time for Cupid's arrow.  And we are quickly putting together our embossed favor boxes for sale on  Take a look.

We have some very cute boxes that we will be offering.  These boxes are two inch square and each is hand embossed with a different Valentine's Day theme.  We have "Flirt" boxes, "Kiss" boxes, "Happy Valentine's Day" boxes and "Fancy Heart" boxes.  Each design comes in either pink grapefruit or brilliant red, except the Fancy Heart.  That only comes in pink grapefruit.  The brilliant red just did not work for that design.  On the far right you will see that we have started some Easter boxes as well.  We are going to experiment with adding some additional colors to these, so they will be added to the site a little later.

The boxes will be sold in sets of five.

Each box comes with a hearty amount of excelsior, or crinkle-cut, to provide a cushion for whatever you desire to include in the box.  A delicious truffle, or two.  Some heart-shaped candies.  Maybe a little round lip-gloss or two.  Or, maybe a, ... ring?  Or a tennis bracelet or a pendant on a chain.

The top box has solid colored pink paper excelsior.  This box has a combination pink and ivory that is coarse, like a very thinly shaved balsa wood.  Either way, the boxes are very cute and a great way to present gifts or to use as place settings if you are having a dinner.  They also work on an entry table just inside the front door to be handed to guests as they leave as a parting gift.  You decide how you want to use them.  We are in the process of getting them photographed for the website, so check back in a few days and we'll have more news.
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