Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Time to Start Planting

As I was making my way through our local Wal-Mart over the weekend, I decided to wander back to the garden center.  I was pleased to see so many gardening items already out on the store shelves.  I was mostly interested in picking up some seed packets.  What I found instead was quite a nice surprise.  Bins and bins of biodegradable seed pods from Miracle-Gro.  Read on to find out more about this ingenious new idea.

The minds at Miracle-Gro have come up with this handy new way of getting your seeds in the ground by way of these peat pods.  They are called "Growables Seed Pods."  Each pod contains the seeds in a soil mixture and Miracle-Gro fertilizer. All you do is loosen the soil in your garden, insert the pod, bring the soil up to the top of the pod, and water.  I will be planting these in our Earth Boxes.

The selections were endless.

Lots of wonderful vegetables and melons.  And the price was right.  

I bought several of them.  Cucumber, spinach and cherry tomato.

Watermelon, Sweet Pepper, Globe Tomato, and Jalapeno Pepper.  I see some delicious homemade salsa in my future.  They also had herb seed pods and I bought three of those to plant in pots and keep in the kitchen.

I loved these cute clay pots with the glossy green bands of color at the top.  Since I had three herb seed pods, I needed three pots.  And saucers.  Don't forget the saucers when planting in clay pots.

I filled each pot with Miracle-Gro potting soil.  Then inserted one each of a different herb seed pod in each pot.

First, Cilantro.  This will be used in the salsa recipe.

Next, Dill.  I love dill, ... on most anything.  With sour cream on a baked potato.  Sprinkled in a salad. Over grilled or baked salmon.  I cannot wait to have my own fresh dill.

And finally, Basil.  Another favorite.  Delicious with tomato and sliced mozzarella on a sandwich. Or used to flavor homemade tomato sauce.

Here are all three pots with the seed pods ready to start growing.

I removed the paperwhites and the amaryllis from the window ledge in the kitchen.  Their time had come and gone.  They will be put away until next year.  In their place I set the herb pots.  They will receive lots of morning sun in this location.  Two on this side.

And one on other other side.  I cannot wait until we start to see these sprout.

You will note that I did not label each pot with the specific herb planted.  Since each of these herbs has a very specific leaf formation, it is not necessary for me to label them since I have worked with each herb many, many times over the years.  If you are just starting to work with herbs, you could easily label each pot with a small stick pushed into the soil with the name of the herb handwritten on the stick.
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