Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our New Year's Eve Celebration

We had a wonderful evening.  Bev arrived on Tuesday afternoon.  She and Steven went shopping to gather all the ingredients we needed to make our festive trays of delectables.  I had to work on Wednesday.  So they set about putting together the trays while I was working.  I arrived to a kitchen fully in command by Bev.  The table was set and the dishes mostly prepared.  At around 8:30, we walked down the street to visit our friend Mark.  We stayed for a drink and then returned home to set out everything.  Bob and Bette arrived a little while later and stayed to see the ball drop and for a short time after midnight.  It was a blast.  Some pictures for you to enjoy.

I picked up this "party in a box" that had hats and tiaras and leis and horns.  Bev put it all together in this wooden box and set it on the dining room table.  It looked wonderful when you first walked in the room.

Candlelight in the middle of the table and several silver and platinum tapers on the table and throughout the house.  The candles were Nicole Miller and just beautiful.

These two pillars are battery operated, so we were able to tuck them on top of this cabinet.  I still prefer real candles, but these battery powered ones are ok in certain situations.

Nut roll and a delicious egg nog flavored cake from Bob and Bette.  I liked both but the egg nog cake was to die for!

Steven picked up these plates in black and gold which matched the "party in a box" items.  I could see this all coming together nicely.

A better shot of the nut roll and egg nog cake.  YUM!!!

I found these white snow flakes in one of the boxes containing the Christmas decorations and I thought they would be perfect under the candle holders.  And they were.

I will have more pictures of the evening to share with you later in the week.
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