Friday, January 16, 2015

Someone Finished their Wedding Planner Course

Whose favorite blogger is now a certified Wedding Planner?  Why me, of course.  I finished the online course and received my certificate last week.

Will I actively seek clients looking for a Wedding Planner?  No.  I have my hands quite full enough with Welcome to Crest Avenue and BOXSHOPPE.  Not to mention other ventures.  I took the course so that I could fully understand all the aspects of wedding planning and what a Wedding Planner does.  It is quite an involved profession and not for someone who is easily rattled or who does not have good organizational skills.  I expect to work with Wedding Planners in the future when I receive orders for favor boxes for the wedding reception.

Next on my list of continuing education?  Event Planning/101.  I have already signed up for the course.  I just need to get started.
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