Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Found Some Coal in the House

As we were told when we were children, if you are not good all year, Santa will leave a lump of coal in your stocking and nothing under the tree.  I don't think I ever really worried about receiving a lump of coal in my stocking.  I always felt that someone would have to be really, REALLY bad for such a thing to happen.  And I never felt that I was really THAT bad during the year.

It brought back fond memories of those times as a child when I found these candies this year while out shopping for Christmas.

These little lumps of coal are actually chocolate Krackel. 

How positively life-like are these little lumps of coal?  I had to buy several bags of them.  They have gotten laughs at the office.  And quite a few people have asked me what they are.  I was rather shocked at that.  I thought everyone knew the "coal in the stocking" story.  But I guess not.  Actually, many of the people who have asked me what they are and the meaning of them are a good bit younger than yours truly.  Obviously parents today are not telling their children they will get a lump of coal for Christmas if they are not good all year.  Pity.
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