Thursday, June 28, 2012

Upgrading the Begonia Baskets

Begonias are beautiful.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  Some things to know about begonias - few of them will tolerate full sun; they like well drained soil which is not kept constantly wet nor allowed to dry out; many begonias are grown as perennials in temperate climates.  I have not had good luck with them as perennials in Maryland.  The winters are too cold here and they just don't make it.

These begonia baskets were originally planted and hung where they received direct morning sun.  They did not like that.  I have moved them to this location in the back over the deck and they are much happier here.  I have read that they require "bright shade."  I would say this location offers bright shade through the bamboo garden.

I usually go with the philosophy that "simpler is better"; "less is more."  Except in this case.  While I think the baskets of begonias are pretty, I think the baskets of begonias with asparagus fern are prettier.  I love asparagus fern and use it frequently in potted plantings.  It adds texture and interest without overpowering the main plant.

Give asparagus fern a try the next time you are planting.  I think you will be pleased with how they look in your garden.
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