Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Corner of Wildflowers

Some weeks ago I tilled the earth using my Mantis Tiller and sprinkled a wildflower seed mixture in this inhospitable area between my house and the neighbor to my left.  I was not certain at first that this would be successful.  This area is surrounded by concrete and is in a common area between the two properties that does not get a great deal of attention.  I used the Pennington Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix from Lowe's.

To my surprise, they took and it actually looks like this will be one of the most beautiful gardens at Crest Avenue this year.

I am very pleased.  If any of you are thinking of planting a wildflower garden, I would highly recommend the Pennington brand.  When they say "Guaranteed To Grow", they mean it.  
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