Friday, February 6, 2015

Winding Down "Welcome to Crest Avenue"

As many of you know, Crest Avenue will soon be welcoming new owners.  Our intent is to list it on or about June 1, 2015.  I have already spoken to my friend Susan, who is a realtor (and my neighbor) and she has agreed to take the listing when we are ready.  "Where will you go?" you ask.  To the house on Dewey Street.  Our circumstances have changed over the years, as they do for everyone.  It is no longer practical to have two houses.  The time has come to sell Crest Avenue and to focus our efforts on Dewey Street.

Believe me, there are plenty of projects to keep us busy at Dewey Street, and I intend to continue blogging about those projects.  You can still follow me on a daily basis, but on a different site.  The new blog is called "Around the House, by John Newman."  It will have its own page on my new website, (  Just click on the "BLOG" button on the top menu and it will take you directly to the new blog.

It did not make sense to continue blogging under the "Welcome to Crest Avenue" banner when we no longer own Crest Avenue.  I didn't want to just replace "Crest Avenue" in the title with "Dewey Street and call it "Welcome to Dewey Street."  That seemed rather boring.  So I went with "Around the House." I like that.  And it is an accurate description of what the blog is all about.  That is, covering all the things we do, "around the house", and hopefully giving you some new ideas for how to get those things done.  We will still be in the garden and in the kitchen too.  So it will be the same blog, basically, with a different name and at a different location.

The next four months will be busy.  We will need to first empty Crest Avenue and then set about getting small and some not-so-small projects finished before we list it.  We will cover these projects here at Welcome to Crest Avenue.  Once it is listed, we will move over to the "Around the House" blog full-time.  Will there be posts everyday on Welcome to Crest Avenue as in the past.  Likely not. But we will be posting often to let you know how things are going.  We hope you will continue to follow us through this time of transition.  We love having you as loyal readers and we look forward to starting a new venture with you in the coming months.
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